Supporting American Farmers

At the Farmer’s Hen we believe family owned and operated farms have a special connection to the land and animals they care for and the communities they serve. From supporting local economies, to their high standards of animal welfare and their tradition of sustainable farming, when family farms thrive, we all do.

The American family farm matters

That’s why we partner exclusively with over 75 local and small, family-owned farms across America. From our first farm in Lewisville, Ohio, we’ve always valued the importance of family farms, and we’re driven to support and sustain the role of the small farmer in our food supply.

Ethical Farm Practices

Our farmers are committed to the highest ethical standards of farming, and value the health and welfare of our hens. That’s why all our farms are Certified Humane.®


Our farmers regularly monitor the health of each one of our hens for any illness or ailment.


Our farms provide unlimited access to fresh water and give our hens clean and comfortable feeding areas, filled with nutrient rich feed.


Whether they’re free-range or pasture-raised, our farms provide outdoor access to lands that are herbicide and pesticide-free.


Our farmers make sure our hens live in an environment free from fear and distress, with plenty of freedom to roam, play and perch.

Farming For a Better Future

At The Farmer’s Hen, we want a sustainable future to be our legacy. That’s why we partner with small, family farms that care for their land and its resources in ways that industrial farms do not. For these family farms, sustainable land use and animal welfare are a family tradition passed down from generation to generation.

We believe that to farm sustainably is to farm responsibly. It’s the only way.